The proposal consists of a canopy that
metaphorically holds a message of dignity and tolerance.

The canopy is built as a tridimensional bamboo structure

of 11x7m built with a 3cm diameter poles of 11x7 m

whose geometry evokes a wave of bamboo.

The cloud is supported by 4 “legs”, which are built in bamboo

and wood. The canopy protects from the sun and the rain

with a roofing of half bamboo poles cutted in the middle axis

and arranged with a fishbone pattern.

If the canopy already generates a shadow perimeter where

many things can happen, the proposal emphasizes the

symbolic content of the space by holding a message of dignity, respect and tolerance in a moment when the country’s social
reality (Brazil) reveals that a few minorities may feel threatened by the political upheavals of the moment.

The message is generated by colored propellers that rotate with the wind and are supported by a light structure of tensioned cables and vertical supports above the canopy.

The beauty of the piece lies in its engineering and aeronautic truth, evoking fascinating objects such as grand pianos, irrigating field instruments,airplane wings, etc ...

Like the triumphal arches that celebrated victory
in the past, the canopy provides a space where
dignity and respect for diversity is celebrated.






Equipe  Team

Daniel F. Flórez, Mariana  Vilela, Carlos Cartame, Luis F. Inglada , Stefan Kielman




resentation final24
resentation final24