Concurso de urbanismo para jovenes arquitetos.
Urban competition for young architects.

Um lugar entre colinas nevadas, 2013. 


Equipe  Team

Daniel F. Flórez, Mariana  Vilela.

A Harder Promenade

A transformation for Harderstrasse is set as a promenade connecting a constellation of plazas and open spaces, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the regained space formerly used by traffic.

In the Southern tract of Harderstrasse, the goal is to improve the urban environment by redistributing traffic spaces and qualifying sidewalk as an attracting area by adding urban furniture and opening terraces to local shops and commercial activities.

The end of the promenade is a transition zone where paving starts to resemble the pedestrian area and where the Danube River makes its deflection from its natural course, surfacing in form of a fountain.

Labyrinth, bike plaza & Café


A labyrinth is proposed as a poetic and scenic tool (with little economic cost) which stands at the entrance as a great piece of Land-Art alluding to the medieval and defensive condition of the city. Next to it, we place a pavilion-café in the forest managed by the city with potential activities such as exhibitions, workshops, weekend markets, concerts of medieval music and much more.

Hardertor Sculpture Open Air Museum

The idea of existing trees drawing the footprint of the old city gate is beautiful; however, it is only perceivable from a distance. The intention is to strengthen this strategy by paving the old footprint and activating those boundaries as an open-air sculpture museum that will attract visitors with its vegetation, fountains and furniture, turning the new Hardertor into a meeting place.

Central Bus Station

The scale of the building, almost like the old medieval wall, is addressed and controlled by using the profile of the historic and picturesque streets, like Theresienstrasse, to reproduce the angular and medieval Ingolstadt housing profile.